Soul and Human Consciousness in a Single Theory


Tatyana Soloveva


The theme of this work is a synthesis of science, philosophy and religion known as metaphysics and it intends to reveal the real nature of the conscious life in the universe.   This unique theory, pertaining to a hidden, subjective and higher order of reality, involves new fundamental laws of nature and changes the existing view of the universe and of the humanity itself. The major goal of this work is to introduce a new kind of philosophy or better to say a new kind of science that is based on the unknown and actually non-physical laws of nature, and to formulize these new laws. With this new science becomes possible to resolve a number of fundamental issues that have never successfully been resolved by any of the existing sciences before.

Part 1. Fundamentals of the Theory

New Laws of Nature.

Every human has a feeling that he possesses a unique being inside him. However the human is a dualistic creature, an intimate compound of two “I”, two consciousnesses. One “I” belongs to his biological ordinary everyday body, and the other, being a very different kind not open to ordinary observation, belongs to the soul, and the soul is the initiator of our internal singular world. There are human’s only mental diseases such as schizophrenia – the painful division of the internal “I” in two parts, being an addition affirmation of our dualistic nature. The term schizophrenia comes from Greek words meaning “split mind.” Such a person starts hearing two internal voices. He is losing the feeling of singularity of the internal “I”, and as a result his behavior becomes irrational.

Besides it there exists such evidence in our life as sleep, during which   nothing is going on but dreams. In most cases the dreams are irrational, and do not have a single center. Being asleep we do not have our customized daily consciousness. This is pointing to the existence of consciousness distinct from the daily one, and, this consciousness has simultaneously multiple centers of events. Therefore we have two separately existing consciousnesses. One of them is our daily customary singular consciousness and, the other one is plural consciousness appearing only in our dreams.

The fact of the soul existence finds its reflection in some parts of our inner life, such as – besides our customary everyday flow of thoughts there is an intuition that sometimes is going in the unexpected direction contradictory to our ordinary logic. By itself Intuition is the innate or instinctive knowledge of something that is not a result of the development of the thought itself inside us, and is coming to us without any reference and reasoning. The dictionary definition of intuition is – “a looking upon; a seeing either with the physical eye or with the eye of the mind”. However, modern science, being unable to explain the phenomenon of intuition, calls it the human’s sixth sense, in addition to our five physical senses. Actually Intuition is the soul’s trying to talk to us, to keep and direct our life to the right way. Obviously talking to us and making us listen are not easy tasks. In talking to us the soul doesn’t use any language; it is just a thought in the head, a momentary knowledge of something. Those Intuitions, given to me step by step by my soul, laid as a foundation, as a building material to this work Analyzing them and combining all of them in one logical unit I can say now that:

1.      There are only two initial entities in the world: energy and consciousness, and everything in Creation is composed of it. Energy has its own inseparable spiritual part – Mind that is the origin of unconscious in all human beings.

2.      Both entities can exist independently from one another, or can be joined into one cell, creating a really ONE of it.

3.      The world where we live is not three dimensional how we accustom to think. It is a four dimensional, and the fourth coordinate is consciousness. The fourth dimension is a Basic dimension in our creation, and the three dimensional life doesn’t exist in nature.

4.      The human being is a dualistic creature having two “I”/ consciousnesses. One “I” belongs to the biological human being itself – it calls mind and is the source of all unconscious inside us and, the other one – consciousness itself – belongs to some super added, bio-energy substance having an old-fashioned name the soul. Thus the human self is a symbiosis of conscious and unconscious parts.

5.      The human is a biological robot and the soul was created for the animation of that robot, and for serving inside of the universe. Therefore the soul is a source of life for a human. The soul, being partly material and partly spiritual, is a substance, and it is a real substance, because it has a shape, carries weight and occupies space.

6.      There are realms beyond the universe. And these realms are full of creatures looking like a human. However their size is larger to five times of the normal human’s size. It makes them too big and heavy for the light cosmic energy.

7.      Humanity produces heavy energy for suffocating civilization of Giants.

8.      Our creation is one huge womb, carrying a growing up fetus-boy. We are the atoms of his body, and the boy’s body and the boy’s personality is our objective world.

Consciousness and Energy

Consciousness and energy are two opposing components of one integrated whole. They are totally interdependent, interacting constantly so as to maintain the normality and integrity of the whole. Energy is defined as that part which is being accumulated, assimilated and stored for the later use. Consciousness is defined as the consumer in order to create a manifest action. One cannot exist without the other, as they are each part of the one whole. Consciousness and energy are relative concepts, and they always exist together. They are different aspects of the same thing or process, two aspects of another reality existing outside of our creation.

Thus everything existing in creation is consciousness and energy. However in physics there is no dichotomy between matter and energy, and it has shown that what we call matter is a bound energy. Thus matter is a specific type of energy, in which gravitational, electromagnetic, nuclear and sub-nuclear forces are bound in balanced stability. And the balanced stability of these bonds is what gives our material world its resistance and its relative impenetrability. Thus, modern physics tells us that energy can be bound into matter, and that matter can be unbound into energy. Therefore matter and energy are interchangeable and actually is the same thing, so energy can be considered as the interchanged second ingredient. Hence, in the physical world, we can talk just about energy, as substance having in its conception the physical energy itself and the visible and tangible matter.

Matter, being a special form of energy, originates its own spiritual element – mind. Mind, actually, is the origin of the unconscious in all human beings, and in most cases the human behavior, being reflexive and automatic, depends on mind and only on mind and doesn’t require any consciousness. Consciousness arises when the environment situation is changing and the human has to make a choice.

The mind of matter has another nature, and being a product of the physical world can be quantified. We cannot pay attention to more than one thing at a time, and not every detail of that thing can be simultaneously held in the mind. Therefore, in most cases, the amount of focused awareness is quite small, and limited by one. On the other side, all our emotions are created by our consciousness, and the number of sensations, feelings, emotions over flooding our attention, is really huge.

While the mind is plural and doesn’t have any personality, the soul’s consciousness is singular, and creates a unique personality for each of us. From the other side, it is our uniqueness that separates us from the others. Our consciousness and mind, being split up once to create a brand new life, are always keeping the eternal movement toward Oneness, creating inside us insatiate hungered movement toward each other.

The relationship of Consciousness and Mind is never static. The two forces are always vying with one another for dominance. First one dominates, then the other in its appropriate time. Under normal circumstances, the interaction of the two forces will remain within well-defined limits. Energy, the physical part of Mind, provides sustenance for the Consciousness and Consciousness protects the Mind while carrying out the functions of being such as management and development.

Nature of the Soul

Soul, being itself invisible for a human, is a kind of bridge between two very different worlds – our visible everyday world and the invisible world around us. The exploration of the soul’s nature and of its place in the human world brings a startling conclusion that the soul is a source of consciousness for a human being and, at the same time, the source of energy for a human body.

The physical appearance of the soul was designed in accordance with the soul’s functions. The appearance of these creatures absolutely differs from everything existing on the earth. From outside it is somewhat amorphous with a cloud-like, membranous, six-ended body, looking like a raincoat. When this raincoat is opened up completely, it looks like a big shiny oval with the head in the middle part of it. On the body’s surface are clearly seen six sectors or membranes coming up to the head. The membrane looks like a triangle, and the border parts of that triangle are muscular and a little bit lifted. Basically the soul was created for its important task to be an animator, to live inside of the human body. This necessity is a major reason of the soul’s physical appearance and anatomy. The boneless body of the soul resembles an umbrella. It is fully covers the human body from the top of the head down to the groin, being a perfect defense system for a human body. This cover protects the human body from alien elements that fly around in multiplicity trying to penetrate body and use it as nutrition. At the same time, this cover is hiding all four-dimensional images from our sight, removing the three-fourths of reality from our consciousness.

The body of the soul is colorless, and it has a head and a face too. Living in the human body is not the only function of the soul. The soul’s functions vary depending on the soul’s range. The soul needs to watch, to talk, to fly, to communicate with self-alike. For all these reasons, the soul needs a head. Head has an eye and a mouth. The soul has just one eye, almost in the middle of the face. In some religions the soul’s eye is called a human Third Eye. The color of the eye is always gray-brown, the color of eternity. When the soul talks, the mouth moves producing a thin childish voice.

The soul doesn’t have a system of nerves nor a vessel system. The soul was created with the ability and readiness to fly. All soul movements, positions of the body look very natural, and, using it, obviously, the soul feels pretty comfortable itself. The soul can be lying too. When the soul wants to lie down, it bends all six sectors down, under the bottom of its body and comfortably disposes itself on your pillow, for example. At that moment the soul looks like a soft oval thing, like a lying cat. Ordinarily, the soul uses this position waiting for the human’s body awakening.

The number of souls in the universe is really huge, but not infinite. The population of souls in the universe is billions of billions of billions, depending on the population of the human beings. There are another solar systems and planets in the universe having the same functions as the earth has. The population of the serving souls is also huge enough, but it cannot be compared with the number of those living in the body souls. Plus, there is the separate population of the souls living outside of the universe, in the World of Giants.

Soul is an animator being, and connects to the human brain through the pineal gland. Besides it the mattered cells of the soul’s body are coupled to the human body through DNA-photon exchange. The soul possesses photon receptors of the sort that allow the soul to couple with the human body’s electromagnetic energy field. Because of it the soul cannot leave the human body by its will. Only the death of the human body can break that bond and make the soul to be free again. Being within the human body, the soul is relatively free just at nighttime. When the human is falling asleep, the soul is getting out through the under-nape hole, taking some energy from the space and spending the rest of the night on the pillow, near the body, resting and waiting for the body awakening. The soul desperately needs to spend some time out of the body. The reason is not only energy, but also the rest. Being within the body is a job, and like any other creature the soul time by time needs a rest. The soul doesn’t like it when somebody intentionally interrupts the time of rest. Unhappily mumbling something appropriate, the soul is getting into the body through the under-nape hole and the body awakes.

For the soul it is not easy to communicate with a man. The voice of the soul is just feeling, an intuition inside our mind, and a momentary knowledge of something. The soul makes the human to be conscious, and at the same time, creates such phenomenon of the human nature as dualism. The unconscious world actually possible to existence and can exist independently from the conscious. The unconscious world is represented on the earth by animals that have just mind and no soul. The soul, arising consciousness, helps us to move away from the passive acceptance of the surrounding world, and helps us to establish relationships between subjects and objects of this world.

Descartes pointed the soul’s location to the head and the connection center to the pineal gland, the untwined part of our brain. The pineal gland is the material link between the visible biological body and the invisible psi-mattered soul, and is the place where the two interact. Through the intermediate mechanism called the pineal gland, the soul gets a signal of awareness raised by our mind. As a response, the soul arises consciousness through the same point of contact.

All human wills are coming from the mind and depend just on it, but the direction to it is given by the soul. At the same time the soul’s response depends on the mind’s representation of the surrounding world

The six sectors of the soul’s body find its reflection in some religions. In Christianity, it is a six-winged seraph – angel of love, or cherub – angel of knowledge. Mohammedan angelology also has seraphim as one of Muslim angels. In Hebrew, it is a six-ended David’s star. In Hinduism it is a Shashti – six aspects of the life. The name of the soul in Christianity is God Holy Spirit.

The soul doesn’t have a gender. It is always “It”. The assumption of ourselves belonging to a certain sex is the responsibility of our brain.

The soul consciousness identifies the human with his body and keeps him apart from the outside world. While the human has a soul inside his body, he is unique. The soul is arising the human self, that makes him one separate being with individual character and completely unique personality. The separation from everyone else is not his fingerprints, gender, race, or face features. All of these are not really fundamental. The only fundamental thing is the human’s self-consciousness. From the other side what separates the human from the outside world, in turn is actually a merger. The eternal division to Oneness always creates inside us the attraction, the irresistible movement toward each other.

Soul was created to use energy and only energy. To keep itself alive, the soul doesn’t need air or food. The soul can live within the atmosphere or without.

Consciousness of the soul belongs to collective consciousness of our creation. The soul never thinks about itself as “I”, but “WE”. Before our universe was created all our souls was ONE. After the destruction of the universe the soul will get back to the condition of oneness.

Nature of Man

We have to recognize that human beings possess such qualities and values that cannot be explained except through the materialistic point of view. The wonder and mystery of the human self with its spiritual values, with its creativity, and with its uniqueness for each of us, cannot be resolved only by the brain’s neuronal activity. We are spiritual beings with souls existing inside us as well as material beings with physical bodies and the brain’s produced mind, and the human consciousness is a combined act of the soul and mind efforts.

If our consciousness were a product of the brain, all our actions would be determined by the laws of chemistry and physics, not by our own human volition. However, our mental states possess properties not held by our physical brains, like the properties of fantasy, imagination, intentionality and free will, and our imagination defies the laws of physics and is freely violating the constrains of space, time and matter.

The mind’s reaction on the low level physical processes in our bodies as vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and etc., is arising awareness in our brain. The soul’s response to that awareness is consciousness arising within us. Let us take an example: Our body feels cold and starts freezing. The mind is arising awareness that the body feels cold. But this is just awareness and not a conscious thought yet. Awareness, being a product of the unconscious inside us, is inaccessible to us. Our soul, reacting to this awareness, is arising the conscious thought in our brain, is actually arising our self-consciousness that we feel cold. Now we have it. The rest of this process is up to us; we can do whatever we want: turn on the heater, get some clothes, or do nothing. The soul doesn’t bother itself with the rest of it. The thinking part of us is a mind; however, the soul gives a direction to that thinking. This is how consciousness arises in a physical world, and this is the only way for a biological conscious life in our universe.

Therefore, the symbiosis of a biological mortal human with a spiritual, immortal soul is a human being, a biological robot, created to perform the unique task, and human consciousness has been “super-added” to make this performance as functional as possible.

Our brain, being a massive parallel processor with many billions of operations going on at the same time, doesn’t have a single center. The unity of our inner life is created exceptionally by the soul. Our daily inner experience always possesses a single center; whatever is going on seems to be happening to only one being.  At sleep, when soul is out, our mind takes over. That is why, in general, dreams are difficult to understand. All of this logical discontinuity, fragmentary pictures, irrational expressions, confusions, superficial associations, which we are having in our dreams, is the product of the mind.

The human is a social creature and in common sense his needs might be broken into two simple groups: needs for himself, needs for the others. The mind’s activity is definitely related to the first group. The function of consciousness is objectively and mainly directed toward the others. The part that is more developed gets domination in the human personality, forming the particular features of his character and behavior. Consciousness is the repressive beginning of the human “I” and the tool of subordination of the individual to society, to its prohibitions and orders. By the way, the moral is formed by consciousness itself. The mind is the human’s dark instincts, among which predominates sexual attraction and aggressively destructive impulses.

All stimuli that human receives from the external world have been converted by the human’s nervous system into the variety of the neurobiological signals. From responding to these signals mind is arising the awareness in the human brain. The soul, in its turn, responding to this awareness, is arising human consciousness. Therefore, there is a causal relation between mind and soul, and this relation commits us to a dualism of the human nature.

When human being is born, he immediately gets a soul. At this moment, all the child’s channels are opened up and ready to accept it. But consciousness doesn’t show itself until teenager’s age. This is the only reason why this time is so difficult for us, and why the small kids don’t have moral at all.

The soul is not contributed by the parents nor built within the womb, but is drawn to the fetus to enter the organism upon birth and blend with the somatic pattern, taking up the life in a new enclosure at that time.

Origin and Structure of the World

The size of the world was always underestimated by scientists. The earth, haven, hell and universe – that was the full extent of the world in the medieval imagination. The modern sciences, however, didn’t go far from this vision, limiting the world by the earth and the universe. Nobody ever dreamed about realms outside of the universe, and less about realms outside of creation itself. However, in creation there is a reality other than the physical universe. Creation is a huge womb and it consists of the Universe, Chaos and the Extraterrestrial World existing outside of the universe.

Two problems in our life take a special place from all unresolved problems – the mystery of death and the mystery of the invisible world. It is a basis of the human thinking process to divide the world into visible and invisible parts. Ordinary the visible world is taken as a pretty small part of the invisible. From the other side the human was never agree with the idea of the whole death, the whole disappearance and always needed some theories explaining the after-death existence. All of these theories were bound up with the theory of the invisible world and usually imagined the after-death life similar to the earthly life. They didn’t try to understand life after death in the new forms or in new categories. This fact makes all of these theories unsatisfactory. The idea of the fourth dimension, of the multi-measured space is the only way to expand our concept of the world.

The fourth dimension does exist and it is not a time, it is our dimension. In creation, the fourth dimension is a BASIC, and the fourth coordinate is consciousness. Humanity lives inside the fourth dimensional world, not recognizing it and not realizing it, same as a fish is swimming in the water not knowing about it. The third dimension is an artificial one and doesn’t exist in nature. To create the impression of the third dimension, the scientists from the  World of our big parents had to remove something from our perception. They had removed the image of psi-substance from our sight, or to be more specific, they had placed human behind the shield and didn’t allow seeing it.

The three dimensional body must have of: length, width, height. The fourth dimension doesn’t add more physical values to this list. But the quality of a four-dimensional body is completely different. To be the fourth dimensional, the body must have the psi-cells within it. Consciousness being non-physical by itself makes the physical world to change its quality, widening the spatiality of the physical objects.

Originally, Life split itself up into two divine entities – consciousness and energy. All forms of life existing in the world were created from these two fundamentals. All reach verities of the life, were created using the major law of consciousness – eternal movement toward oneness. The material world was created using just energy. All intellectual variety of the life was created using both of them – consciousness and energy. Both divine entities are alive but not equally conscious.

From this point, we can see that materialism and known physical laws are not a big help here, because there is a conceptual distinction between physical processes and consciousness. Nevertheless, we are able now to understand and explain the fundamental principles of consciousness phenomena.

The universe, being huge and seemingly having unlimited space, is very well organized and managed. Around every living planet there exist a net of transportation tunnels, leading in a thousand directions. Every soul has a map of the universe in its head, and uses that map to reach a desired place. Without these tunnels, the soul would travel years to get the desired place. Inside these tunnels there are capsules looking like a sandglass or like a digit eight, and they move with the speed of light. The force of gravity is much bigger inside the moving capsule and the soul’s body, obeying the laws of physics, is stretched out as if being pulled apart. The capsule itself is not rotating, but the particles inside the capsule are rotating on their axes and around the centered dotted line of the light. The walls of the capsule, being made from some gleaming metal, are not transparent. Inside that capsule all particles were circling and crashing along with soul’s body.

Universe is an order arising out of Chaos. Literally speaking, the origin of the universe is Chaos. Thus the universe was never created, and the space used for the universe was taken from Chaos. The scientists used the existing creation order of things, and to initiate universe, they borrowed from the huge warehouse called Chaos, not only the space, but also the big quantum of energy and consciousness. So, the Big Bang never took place and the universe is ever existed, having its beginning with the beginning of Chaos and its ending with the birth of the over-baby.

Thus, the universe is not an accident and the existence of the universe is meaningful and purposeful. The major activity of the universe is production of energy, and there is an active process of exchanging energy between the universe and the World of Giants. The suffocating for energy Extraterrestrial World uses the universe to keep its own civilization energetic and alive.

Before our creation came into existence, psi and energy-matter were ONE. Since that, the nature of psi and matter, their major goal, is to be ONE again. The two substances cannot be completely satisfied being separated. Initially, being split up, they ever keep force to rejoin again. This is a reason why the outer space world and the Universe are so stable, and how all things were created. The gravitation and magnetism is a physical realization of this movement. At the same time, Love is a spiritual realization of this act.

Creation began in the moment of conception, in an impossible to imagine sexual act between our Big Mother and Big Father. As a result of that coition, the six-dimensional

beauty-conscious-energy cell was split up in three essential parts – beauty, consciousness and energy, giving the birth of the four-dimensional reality of our creation. Hence the development of a new life in that indescribable reality of Beauty requires four-dimensionality.

Creators of the Universe

Nobody ever suggested that there are realms beyond the universe, and these realms are full of gigantic creatures looking like a human. Humanity takes these creatures as Gods. The matter of their body is identical to the matter of a human body. The bio-chemical formula of the giant’s cell stills the same, identical to the humans. Thus, the human being is a biological clone of the cell of the giants. But the “conscious formula” of giant’s cell is quite different – it contains two distinctive cells simultaneously: psi-cell and mattered-cell. Matter, being joined with psi, is getting four-dimensional quality. Psi always brings the higher dimensional order in the world of matter and energy.

The huge human-like creatures from the realms beyond the universe are breathing in the mix of regular air and clear cosmic energy. Lungs are using the air and energy is pulling in using the whole body. Energy has been used by psi-cell for mental activity. Initially they had a normal size and the quantum of swallowing up energy was enough to keep them energetic and alive. But, after the tragedy that took place for this civilization, the body size was significantly increased, and made them Big and Heavy for the light cosmic energy, and the quantum of pulling in energy became insufficient. They started suffocating for energy and were destined for death. If all of them die the fetus dies too, and the pregnancy gets miscarriage. To avoid it, the scientists from the big parents’ world made a decision to create an artificial world, a universe, and to fill it with giants clone’s, human beings. Multiple devises radiating energy was implanted in the womb. The bid devises became stars like our Sun. The small ones became planets like Earth. The stars don’t require the ground – their major function is radiating energy. Each small devise must have the soil to make it available for living. To solve this problem the powerful creature was implanted in the womb, and only “he” can convert the energy into matter. That creature, the builder of the Universe was later known on the earth as Jesus Christ.

The human spends energy for his physical and mental activity, works over this energy, making it heavier and heavier, by his feelings, emotions, his pain and suffering, his mental and physical efforts, and passes it back to space. Now this energy is good for the big and heavy Extraterrestrial World’s inhabitants.

The giants of the Extraterrestrial World had placed an office near every living planet with the guard in it, to watch and manage the human life. The humanity takes that person as a Godfather and his office as a Haven. In case of our planet the location of the office is an internal space of the Moon. The Extraterrestrial World gave humanity religions to make humans happy by removing anxiety and make humans better.

The energy produced by humanity is easily going up to the space and dissolving in it. To resolve this problem a chain of power stations was built around the earth, collecting this energy day and night. Later, that energy has been moved out of the universe.

The Extraterrestrial World is a really huge space, and its population is not limited by the civilization of giants. The UFO plates that now and again are witnessed from the earth come from the other parts of the Extraterrestrial World. That civilization definitely didn’t participate in the universal creation project. The UFO-creatures are small, sexless and do not need additional energy. The human’s sexuality and the presence of the soul within the human’s body are the most attention-grabbing things for them.

Rescuing the giant’s civilization, our parents at the same time, had rescued the growing fetus, because the death of the Extraterrestrial World civilization could cost the collapse and miscarrying of the fetus. There is a constant flow of information between our creation and its big mother, and she does everything to defend her baby and keep him growing. So, the existence of our creation is carefully guarded by its big mother, and the existence of the universe, in its turn, is guarded and guided by the Extraterrestrial World. As far as they need us we exist. At least, for the last four and half billion years they did.

In the beginning of the human era, the giants were forced into the human realm. They had to take control over young humanity and complete the work on the planet Earth. At that time human beings were not able to arrange, to organize life by themselves. Performing their job and acting as superhuman, the giants left a lot of marks and signs of their presence, such as pyramids, huge drawings and stoned sculptures on the earth’s surface, etc. Therefore, the superhuman is not a natural development from the innate potentials in human nature. The superhuman is act as a mediator between Mother and human beings, managing people according to the will of Mother, bringing to the people the Mother’s orders and the laws, and thus, placing humanity in the center of the universe.

The reality of our mattered world is just one growing fetus, and everything subjectively belongs to its body. So, human death, being just a release from the body, doesn’t exist in reality. In this light, the resurrection means the birth of the Supreme Intelligence’s over-baby. Everybody, who whenever he or she was born and died in creation, will be reborn again. The birth of that baby is a creation of an absolute form of everything whenever existing in the world; it is an extreme expression and accomplishment of the great significance of creation and, at the same time, it is the goal and the end of our creation.

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